Jim Thorpe of Thorpe Photography Company, LLC will be taking group pictures Friday night, September 27, at our event in the Atrium at the William Tell/Holiday Inn. He shoots and prints everything on-site.

We will have an LTHS Class of 1970 group photo taken at 9:00 pm. Photos (8 x 14) will be available for purchase for for $20.00. Group junior middle school photos which will be 8 x 10 are $15.00. Sales are cash and carry (cash, check, or charge are accepted) or can be mailed for a $5.00 flat shipping fee.

Below is the schedule for the LTHS and junior high/middle school group photos. We will need to keep to this schedule to make sure all schools who want to be included have the opportunity, so please be on time if you want to be in the picture!

 7:30 pm        Congress Park
7:45 pm Cossitt and Avery Coonley
8:00 pm Forest Road
8:15 pm Gurrie
8:30 pm Highlands
8:45 pm McClure
9:00 pm Class of 70 Reunion Picture ********
9:30 pm Oak
9:45 pm Pleasantdale
10:00 pm St. John of the Cross
10:15 pm St. Cletus, St. Francis,
St. John Lutheran, St. Louise, St. Paul Lutheran,
Brook Park, Lincoln, St. Barbara, Palisades,
No Feeder School
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